Leave Your Humanity at the Door

After high-horse-riding founders of Basecamp publicly instituted a ban on political speech at the company, people reacted:

What this policy seems to miss is that workers are people, and the conditions of people living in proximity to one another are what comprise a society. Asking workers to leave their humanity at the door is a recipe for resentment in the short term…

If your only motive is profit, human well-being can be readily sacrificed. But if their history of public virtue signaling is any indication, the founders of Basecamp want more than that. It seems to me that like many tech founders, the Basecamp bosses want more than anything to be able to believe in the myth of their own benevolent greatness, which is easier to do when they don’t have to answer any hard questions or grapple with any difficult truths. It is the shattering of this painstakingly crafted illusion that will likely deal the most devastating blow to the company’s future.

April 29, 2021